Ureki - is a town and a seaside climatic resort on the Black Sea coast

Ureki is one of the most popular touristic places in Georgia on the Black Sea coast. Here, visitors may enjoy both beach holidays with all kinds of water attractions and wellness activities.
Ureki is located between two important maritime cities of Poti and Kobuleti. For a long period of time, this resort was the largest source for the extraction of magnetite for using in metallurgical industry.
Sandy beach of Ureki is very rich with important minerals that makes the place especially attractive for tourists with various health problems. The German scientist Werner von Braun, who worked in these areas, after WWII he was the one who discovered that the sand of the local beach has had unique healing qualities.
Later the discoveries of the German scientist had been confirmed by other scientific studies. This discovery allowed Ureki to become one of the unique wellness vacation places. Since then, the magnetite-reach sand of Ureki has been widely used for physiotherapeutic procedures.
Local Hospitals and Sanatoriums offer unique treatment programs, which have been helping visitors with diseases of musculoskeletal system for many years. They also treat osteoarthritis, polyarthritis and osteoporosis, as well as certain types of physical injuries and problems with the nervous system.
Ureki climate is also a means for healing. Local forests of eucalyptus and pine trees ionize air with healing aromas and help improving the respiratory tract. All these elements coupled with swimming in the Black Sea water make wellness treatments even more efficient.
5 kilometers long, Ureki beach is a great place for children as well, as the coast is characterized with low level of water and is very comfortable even for infants to enjoy fresh sea water.

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