The health resort Tskaltubo is famous for its mineral springs of warm Radon waters 

Tskhaltubo is a resort for balneotherapy in 10 kilometers northwest from the second largest Georgian city Kutaisi. Tskaltubo is in 250 kilometers from the capital Tbilisi, and 70 kilometers from the Black sea coast.
Tskaltubo is a special place with warm summers and mild winters. Such climate makes Tskaltubo an excellent destination for a touristic trip at any time of the year. Temperature in summer goes up to 25 degrees, and in winter drops to 5 degrees. The man touristic season in Tskhaltubo begins in May and lasts until late October. However, the hotels operate throughout a year and offer to visitors various procedures for balneotherapy.
Favorable climate, however, is not the only advantage of this Georgian resort. Tskaltubo offers healing springs with nitrogen and radon. For a long time, the mineral waters of this region were considered to be a secret for the sound health of the local population. The healing effect of the springs is complemented by incredible beauty of the surrounding mountains. Aromas of eucalyptus forests make local air extraordinarily fresh.
In Tskaltubo visitors may have treatment of nervous and musculoskeletal systems, also skin and gynecological diseases, problems with cardiovascular or endocrine systems. The treatment is offered for adults and children through varieties of physiotherapy exercises and massages, healing baths with mineral water, all kinds of shower options using water, inhalations, physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation procedures. Local therapeutic mud is also actively used in the course of treatments.
Local karst caves form yet another important healing option. The cave’s microclimate favorably affects hypertonic manifestations, also bronchial asthma and neuroses.
The history of the resort dates back to 19th century. However, Tskaltubo became a famous resort only in Soviet times. Famous Josef Stalin used to go to Tskhaltubo for treatment of back and leg problems in radon baths. With Stalin’s trips to Tskaltubo the resort became a resort of regional importance. Thus, already in 30s of the twentieth century, the resort has been fully equipped thanks to the constant inflows of tourists from different countries.
The resort has significantly been renovated in the beginning of 2000s. Modern spa hotels with wide range of services have been built. They provide premium class services together with sanatoriums of the Soviet period.
There are healing baths, mineral springs and other options in the central city park. There is also the city hall in the central part of the city, as well as prestigious hotels, restaurants, municipality buildings and museums. All the necessary information for tourists is available in information centers in the building of the old railway station of Tskhaltubo.
Tourist also very much enjoy the Tskaltubo city market. Local farmers offer to visitors traditional spices and Georgian specialties, household goods, cheese, vegetables, etc. There is the lake Tsivi in the northeast to the park. At the lake tourist may spend some time by the water and have a tasty lunch in the nearby cafes.
There are very interesting touristic sights outside Tskhaltubo in the immediate vicinity of the city. The Sataplia Natural Reserve is a special place. Here tourists visit a karst cave of 900 meters deep underground, even with traces of a dinosaur. There is another Kumistavi cave in 10 kilometers further. The cave is known as the cave of Prometheus related to the ancient legend. This is not only a unique natural memorial, but also a place for healing the respiratory system due to the special microclimate (the same goes for Sataplia cave).
A little further to the north tourists may visit the true "pearls" of the Imereti region: Okatse Canyon, which is famous for its magnificent views. Tourists can walk through the unique cantilever bridge along the canyon wall; Kinchha - a set of waterfalls on the Okats river with the longest one of about 100 meters.

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