Svaneti is the “land of a thousand towers”, the most distant mountainous region of Georgia

Svaneti is the “land of a thousand towers”, the most distant mountainous region of Georgia, the birthplace of the freedom-loving and proud people of the Svans, who up until today preserve their centuries-old unique traditions and Svanetian dialect.
The highland region of Svaneti consists of Upper and Lower Svaneti. The itinerary to Svaneti is quite adventurous as the path leads to higj mountains along the valley of the Inguri River. But this breathtaking journey is worth taking a chance as travelers will enjoy amazing mountain panoramas and unique architecture of the villages of Mestia, Lagami, Lehtagi, Lanchvali or Seti.
Svanetian towers which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List truly are symbols of this region. Once upon a time these fortifications were reliably protecting the Svans from attacks of neighboring tribes. Currently towers attract many tourists from the region and beyond. Tourists may also get to Svaneti by air, as “Queen Tamar Airport” of Svaneti has been operating here since 2010.
The weather in Svaneti severe and frequently changes in summer as well. Intensive snow often blocks all roads, turning this land, like millennia ago, for almost 9 months.
However, this climatic specificity of Svaneti has recently been turned into a touristic advantage. For tourists near the village of Mestia, the Hatsvali ski resort was built with well-equipped trails (the longest - 2.5 km). The ski season at the resort lasts from December to April.
Visitors of the region may also enjoy a special Svanetian cuisine, local drinks, unique folk singing and dancing, as well as warm hospitality of locals

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