Shekvetili is seaside resort , famous for its beaches of black sand and clean sea water

Shekvetili is a comparatively quiet place on the Black Sea cost. This small settlement is in 45 kilometers from Batumi.
Shekvetili is famous for its beaches of black sand and clean sea water. Pine tree groves fill the air with alpine aromas with the healing effect. Beach cafes offer traditional cuisine and cold drinks. Right next to the coast is a central park of colorful fountains and comfortable walking laps for evening exercises. Eucalyptus grove, where this local attraction is located, is well-equipped for tourists. Park is named after 35 sculptures of musicians. Columns are installed near each statue. Thus music is heard throughout the whole area of the park.
The resort is perfect for children. The sea is crystal clean and shallow. There are alpine forests in just 30 meters from the coast for hiding from sun heat. Aromas of pine trees create conditions for natural aromatherapy. Three-kilometer beach is covered by dark healing magnetic sand. Tourists may rent room in hotels and private villas and apartments by the sea. Travelers may reach Shekvetili from Batumi International airport by a bus or a taxi.
In few minutes driving from Shekvetili towards Kobuleti you may reach the famous attraction park "Tsitsinatela" ("Firefly"). Children and adults may enjoy the atmosphere of fun and relaxation.
From local cuisine one has to definitely try Adjarian khachapuri with cheese and egg yolk. One should also try the main ingredient of khachapuri - Suluguni cheese with local fresh bread.

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