Sairme is a leisure and spa resort in western part of Georgia 

Sairme is located in 55 kilometers from the second largest Georgian city Kutaisi. The name Sairme means “a place of Deer” due to the fact that in winter deers from Sairme forests come to drink tasty and healthy local water. Sairme is at 950 meters above the sea level on the northern heel of the Mecheti Gorge and is a place of mountainous rivers and waterfalls.
In 1950s sport pitches and stadiums, wellness centers with mineral waters, clinics and cottages made this place one of the favorite resorts for Soviet leaders. In 1954, the factory for bottling of local mineral waters became operational. In 2000s new renovation works begun and since 2011 the resort was developed to the high touristic standards.
Local Sairme Hotel is designed for 390 persons. Shopping facilities, restaurants and other modern services are available for visitors. Thus, Sairme has become a full-fledged European resort.
The city is among top Georgian Balneotherapy resorts together with the world-famous Borjomi and Abastumani. Sairme is a center for wellness and recreation with unique natural water resources and well-organized touristic infrastructure.
Sairme waters are unique by their chemical composition and healing qualities: carbonic acid-hydrogen, carbonate-sodium-potassium and carbonic acid-hydrocarbonate-sodium. They treat diseases of kidneys, intestines, gall and bladders, cholesterol, diseases of digestion, including peptic ulcer and gastritis. Sairme is widely recommended and prescribed by doctors.
A newly constructed hospital in the resort provides tourists with the opportunity to undergo examination at any time of the day, as well as to receive world standard treatment. The resort is popular well beyond Georgia. Beautiful nature, fresh air and healing water attract many local and foreign visitors. Popular “Sairme” table water is also bottled here. Regular consumption of the water strengthens immune system and cleans body from toxins.

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