Kvariati is a seaside mountainous resort , with green forests that rightfully makes Kvariati one of the best sea resorts of Adjara region

Kvariati is a seaside place in 15 kilometers from Batumi close to the border with Turkey. The resort is also mountainous with green forests that rightfully makes Kvariati one of the best sea resorts of Adjarian region. The picturesque surroundings of the beach, the aroma of eucalyptus, blue sea attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors. Kvariati is also famous as a wellness resort for lung diseases and allergies. Here you can combine a wonderful beach vacation with aromatherapy and treat Nervous system and metabolism, also strengthen the immune system.
Kvariati beaches are clean and well-organized, the sea water is crystal clear and calm. The place is quiet. Tourists may find various cafes and water attractions along the coast. It is easy to reach Batumi from Kvariati. In just 20 minutes driving guests may arrive at noisy places full of fun and nightlife.
In Kvariati guests may visit a diving center. Experienced instructors are ready to take you to the deep sea to see sunk ships on the bottom of the sea. You may also get a special diving certificate, once you pass necessary tests. Restaurants are open all year round. Guests may enjoy mostly Adjarian specialties of the Georgian famous cuisine.
By walking along the coast visitors will reach Sarpi right at the Turkish border. This sea resort attracts visitors with wild beach and clean water. The place is small, comfortable and beautiful, with mountainous landscapes and rocky intrusions into the sea. In Sarpi one may find lots of cafes, shops, and various entertainments. To the north, in two kilometers you reach Gonio. In a half kilometers further guests may get to the famous attraction place - Gonio-Apsara fortress.
In Kvariati your vacation will prove unforgettable. Water attractions, diving, cafes, bungalows, children's playgrounds and much more is waiting for you and your family.

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