Kobuleti - is the second largest city in the Adjara region, a large youth beach resort with a coastline of 10 kilometers

Kobuleti is the second largest city of Adjara in 21 kilometers from Batumi. It has become a popular sea resort. This place is famous by its 10-kilometers long beach. History of Kobuleti dates back to BC. First settlements in this area were established in II-I thousand years BC. e. and represented an important point on ancient trade routes.
Kobuleti is a place for holidays in a big company. Thanks to the subtropical climate, in summer temperature rises to 28-30 degrees. Prices are affordable for lots of entertainment and therefore the resort is very competitive to the capital of Adjara Batumi.
Tourists may rent private houses and apartments, or more expensive hotels. Kobuleti is close to local mineral springs. Therefore, spa and wellness services are at the disposal of guests of the resort. Modern motels and pensions offer a wide range of wellness programs too, both modern and classical ones. Local mineral water heals problems with digestion and excretory systems, whilst wellness-centers treat problems with liver and metabolism, as well as nervous and circulatory systems, skin and joints.
There is a massive attraction park "Tsitsinatela" close to Kobuleti. Every year over 300 thousand local and foreign visitors come to visit the park.
Apart from sunny beaches, visitors may enjoy slot machines, bowling, etc. The territory is well equipped, there are places for relaxation. Cheerful music is constantly on in the park, and entertainment and fun continues throughout the day.
It would be interesting to visit the Kobulet Museum of unique archaeological findings of the Bronze Age, as well as late Middle Ages. In the 4th century, Roman Emperor Justinian was a frequent visitor of the area. He ordered to establish a fortified city (Peter's fortress) and a cathedral on this place. Controlling of this area was important as it was at the intersection of significant trade routes. Peter's fortress was a disputed place between Persians and Byzantines. The place also became a battlefield between Russians and Turks in the 19th century.
The male travelers would love the Fazisi Stadium, where football matches are played. The arena is designed for 6 thousand persons, and is noisy and crowded during sporting events. Mtirala National Park is also located nearby Kobuleti. The main reason why tourists like to come here is mineral springs. The reserve was named after the Mount of Mtirala. The park became operational in 2007. Large areas are available for free walking on the fresh air. Nearby villages are interesting too, mainly because of their chestnut houses. These buildings, surprisingly, have already been standing for almost 200 years.
Another nice attraction nearby is the Kintrishi National Park. Here, tourists discover beauty of wildlife, mountain rivers and waterfalls, lakes.
Subtropical climate of the area is famous for its mild winters, hot summers and humidity. Climate makes the resort pleasant and comfortable at any time of the year. Rare snow in winter and fresh sea breeze in summer attracts tourists from all over the world. Holiday season starts in May and ends in October. The climate helps growing tea plantations, various citruses, eucalyptus and bamboo.
Since 2010, the resort has gained the status of free tourist and economic zone. This helps the city attract new investors for doing tax-free business, including construction of hotels. Therefore, Kobuleti has become a place for many hotels, restaurants and seasonal cafes, as well as open-air disco-bars.
Sea air and humidity contribute to the development of thalassotherapy using fresh air, therapeutic mud and clean sea water. Daily jogging could also contribute to recovery of respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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