Guria scenic region in Georgia in the western part of the country

Guria is a small region in western Georgia located between Adjara, Samegrelo, and Imeretia. In ancient times, the town of Phasis was located here in Colchis, in the vicinity of which, according to legend, the ancient Greek hero Jason sailed to get the Golden Fleece.
In written sources, Guria is mentioned in the 9th century, and in the 15th century it is already mentioned as the Principality of Guria. Guria occupies the subtropical valley of the Supsa River, a part of the lowlands of the Rioni and a large deserted mountainous area. The capital of the area is Ozurgeti. History lovers will enjoy two ethnographic museums in Chokhotauri and Lanchkhuti.
Guria is recognized by specialists as the leader of tea production. Local tea growing began with Count Vorontsov, who ordered tea bushes to be brought here from the Crimea and planted them in Ozurgeti.
This area is famous for its protected parks with rare species of plants and birds.
The center of tourism is the village Ureki, which stands on the shores of the Black Sea, ten kilometers south of Poti. The local beaches are renowned for their black magnetic sands, which have medicinal properties. Holidays here are recommended for hypertensives, people suffering from coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, rheumatism, and nervous disorders. Magnetic sands are also available in Shekvetili. It is a smaller tourist resort than Ureki and more chamber-like.

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