Gonio is a popular seaside resort located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia

Gonio is a popular seaside resort located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, fifteen kilometers from the capital of Adjara - Batumi.
Despite the close distance between the resort and the city of Batumi, Gonio is not a metropolitan suburb. It is a quiet touristic center, perfect for relaxation and comfortable family vacation. In Gonio guests may appreciate the calmness of the place, beauty of the nature, amazingly fresh air and sunny beaches.
At the same time, Gonio is a place with a rich history. Twenty centuries ago Gonio was mentioned by Roman historian Gaius Plinius Caecilius in his works. That time Gonio was a Roman strategic fortress. Later it became the main Turkish stronghold against the Russian Empire of 1878. Only part of powerful fortifications survived until today.
Nowadays, in Gonio tourists may visit a museum-reserve with area of 4.5 hectares, almost kilometer-long and five meters high wall of the fortress with eighteen formidable towers.
Gonio is famous by perfectly clean beaches. In the norther part tourists may enjoy the so-called "wild beach" and in the southern part - modern touristic area with hotels and private beaches.
Tourists may also visit the famous burial place of the Apostol St. Matthew, as well as remnants of ancient Roman baths and the museum of archaeological findings.

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