Chakvi is a special eco-resort in an urban settlement near to Batum

Chakvi is a special eco-resort in an urban settlement in 13 kilometers from Batumi. The village is located on the Black sea coast with a picturesque view. It borders the Batumi Botanical Garden and the resort-village of Buknari.
Chakvi has six-kilometer long beach of smooth white sand. The water at this part of the Black Sea is crystal clear thanks to mountain rivers that flow into the sea. The sea level at this place is low and goes deep slowly, thus making the resort especially attractive for tourists with children.
In the city tourists may enjoy various traditional restaurants with delicious Georgian foods and drinks. There is an embankment in the north of the village which has become very popular among locals and tourists. Walking over such artificial barrier in the evening is a pleasant exercise due to spectacular views of the Batumi Botanical Garden and Tsikhisdziri resort. Warm and mild sea breeze makes the walking even more pleasant. In Chakvi tourist may rent hotel rooms, private villas and apartments. Some adventurous travelers may also rent a camping tent.
Tsikhisdziri resort is famous by its remnants of ancient fortress of Byzantine era. Interesting archaeological discoveries are available for tourist, including a basilica of early Christian times and mineral baths. The acropolis of this fortress keeps memories of 10th century AD related to events of the split of the Christian church into Roman Catholic and Orthodox.
In the 20th century, the Chakvi was also famous by the tea production and tea plantations. Tourists may find interesting to visit the house of the Chinese tea expert Lau Jan Jaw which during the times of the Russian Empire launched the Chakvin tea production and adapted Chinese tea to the local climate. Lau lived and worked in Chakvi for almost a quarter of a century.
The ancient fortress of Petra is in 7 kilometers to the north. The building was constructed and initially run by Byzantine Empire militaries. However, later various regional powers, such as Persia, Byzantium, Russia, Turkey and others fought for the fortress.

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