Borjomi - leisure and spa resort in the south-eastern part of Georgia

Borjomi - Leisure and spa resort in the south-eastern part of Georgia, 150 km from the capital Tbilisi. Borjomi is a famous wellness-resort, also one of the most beautiful places of the country with a unique climate and enchanting natural landscape.

Borjomi is located on the valley of the Kura River. The place is mostly warm and sunny, with amazingly fresh air full of aromas of alpine mountains and wild forests.

Mineral springs made the resort even more famous. Visitors of Georgia often come to Borjomi to enjoy mineral springs and wellness procedures.

Local mineral water is named after the place Borjomi. “Borjomi” water cures many pathologies and has special qualities for curing:

Gynecological diseases
Disorder of the digestive tract
Diseases of the respiratory system
Kidney problems
Diseases of the nervous system
Problems with metabolism
Borjomi is one of the most popular destinations for eco-tourism. In addition, tourists may visit local medieval religious and architectural places, such as thousand years old St. George’s church.

From Borjomi to the place called Kharagauli visitors may travel through Europe's one of the largest national natural parks with the area of almost 8% of the entire territory of Georgia. The park combines a variety of climatic zones, geographical reliefs, landscapes, rich flora and fauna.

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