Batumi is the the biggest town of the Adjara region and famous seaside resort
Batumi is the the bigest town  of the Adjarian region and its population amounts over 120 000. Batumi is one of the oldest cities of Georgia. Historic sources related to Greek philosopher Aristotle mention the city in the IV century BC. Originally Batumi was called "Batus", from the Greek word «Βαθύς» - deep.
Batumi enjoys a very favorable geographical location and therefore, from the ancient times many regional powers fought for the city. In ancient times, local population of the city enjoyed intensive trade relations with neighboring countries and cities. Under the rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the Roman military camp was located on the territory of Batumi. In the XVIII century Batumi was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
Turbulent historic past greatly affected the architectural face of the city of Batumi. In times of Porto Franco (beginning of 19th century) famous European architects decorated the city with many remarkable buildings, which gave the city a new and unique look, turned it into a popular touristic destination which remains very popular until today.
The city impresses with its contrasted sites. It combines the modern European look and at the same time preserves its traditional character. Here, modern skyscrapers and architectural masterpieces of the medieval times, as well as newly built districts with colorful streets create an impressive urban mosaic.
Batumi preserves famous religious places: The Cathedral of the Birth of the Holly Mary, St. Nicholas Church and other important churches and mosques.
Batumi attracts tourists not only with its historical and cultural heritage. Sunny beaches, high level service and hospitality of the local population make the city one of the favorite destinations for travelers to Georgia. 



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