Bakuriani - a famous resort of regional importance

Bakuriani - a famous resort of regional importance, 180 kilometers to the west from Tbilisi, at an altitude of 1800 meters on the Borjomi gorge, surrounded by mighty mountain ranges of the Caucasus. World-famous Borjomi springs originate from the top of the mountains Bakuriani just 30-40 minutes driving from Borjomi.

The winter season in Bakuriani begins in mid-December and lasts until late March. There are four main zones for skiing and snowboarding in Bakuriani: Kokhta, Didveli, Tatra and the so-called "25-meters'', with the total length of 18 km. The highest point along the route is at 2700 meters above the sea.

The "25-meters'' slope is good for beginners and minors. There are two ski areas located on Mount Kokhta - Kokhta 1 with the length of 1.5 km, and Kokhta 2 with the length of 3 km for more experienced athletes. Didveli offers the highest level of sport entertainment and comfort for visitors along the 14-kilometers ski slopes. At Didveli, on the heel of the Trialeti Range, tourists may enjoy a gondola cableways and chairlifts. The Tatra represents a two-level slope with length of 500-1800 m.

Various Ski rental services, coffee-shops and cafes, a training center for minors, horse-riding service, as well as number of excursions and touristic attractions are available for visitors.

The unique climate and well-developed infrastructure makes Bakuriani one of the most attractive four-season touristic places of Georgia. Here, winter is cold, but not severe (-6-7 ° C) and mostly sunny and snowy. The average height of snow is around 60 cm.



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